cPanel / CSF: Fix 500 internal server error or 404 for the CSF GUI

Rob —  August 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’ve run into this a couple times – where I’ll spin up a CentOS/cPanel machine, then run a cpupdate (/scripts/upcp) to get cpanel up to date.  I’ll then go into the configserver firewall settings and receive either a 500 internal server error or 404 not found error.

What you want to do is tail the cpanel error log:

And see what its complaining about when you click on the configserver link.. here’s an example of what I was seeing:

(hit ctrl-c to get out of the tail)

Don’t worry – things are only broken temporarily :)

Simply run the following command to get your csf scripts up to date (as root):

It will run through some things and update all of your configserver products.. while keeping all of your settings.

Once it completes, re-login to your whm/cpanel and try again. It should work now. If not, leave a msg below with your errors and we’ll fix ya up.

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