9 responses to Install CSF/LFD Firewall on your Linux Server

  1. Can I ask why denyhosts, fail2ban or cPanel’s cPHulk need to be disabled/uninstalled first?

    • Sorry – I should have laid out that it is totally up to the admin of the server, but I wouldn’t recommend running any other security suite that may try and write iptables rules while running CSF.

      denyhosts doesn’t use iptables (it uses /etc/allow and /etc/deny), but why have it running if csf is a better solution?

      fail2ban does update iptables rules

      cPHulk uses its own database to block logins and some like to use them side by side, but I see it as unneeded overhead and would rather only have one place to allow/block access to the server.

      This is from the CSF install text:

      You should not run any other iptables firewall configuration script. For example, if you previously used APF+BFD you can remove the combination (which you will need to do if you have them installed otherwise they will conflict horribly)

  2. thank you very much sir noe i can adminstrate my linux seve properly

  3. Next, let’s make sure we have all of the IPs you’ll be connecting from whitelisted. Edit /etc/csf/csf.allow and /etc/csf/csf.ignore and add them.

  4. Hey, I am totally new to the whole Linux thing so pardon me for maybe some stupid questions.

    I read that Linux more or less is so secure that it actually isn’t necessary to install a firewall. What do you think about this?

    • On a personal computer maybe you don’t need one but on a server you definitely need a firewall; years back I was surprised seeing hundreds of attempts to bruteforce my servers within just a few days but thanks to firewall & changing ssh port away from the default has deny them access to my servers, I hope haha

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