Turn off unneeded services on your Linux machine

June 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

One of the easiest ways to start securing your server (and speeding it up) is to turn off unnecessary services that are usually running by default. This little script will go through and turn off those services. Please read through the script to see what it is doing and comment out (put a # in front of the line) anything that you want to keep running.

I put little descriptions in front of each to help you determine what each service is/does. Copy this into a file called turn_off_services.sh and chmod +x it to make it executable. Then, just run it!

2 responses to Turn off unneeded services on your Linux machine

  1. I was wondering if it was your hosting that made your site (WordPress at that!) load so fast, but I now know that it’s all of the tweaking that you’re doing to your server. Thanks for adding the descriptions to your code. I’m a newbie suffering from information overload, so I’m still going to have to do a little homework and refresh my memory for some of this (hidd, nfs, nis…huh??) :)

  2. Ah, this will come in handy for sure. It always good to have your servers running as efficiently as possible so turning off unneeded services will be very helpful. I like how you showed that we can specify what will be turned off incase we actually do need one of the services.

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